Cena Perfetta

Package consists of 12 bottles:
- 3 bottles Luna Storta - Vino passito
- 3 bottles Pinot Grigio Dop Venezia
- 3 bottles Cabernet Dop Montello Colli Asolani
- 3 bottles Asolo Prosecco Superiore Millesimato Docg Extra Dry

Luna Storta is an excellent dessert wine goes beautifully with biscuits or cakes made with butter. It 'a wine appreciated elsewhere meal, for meditation. It can be said that for its exquisite organoleptic this product makes it pleasant at all hours. Between the products of high-end MONTELVINI.

Pinot Grigio Dop Venezia: straw-colored, dry, smooth and velvety. It is a delicate wine with subtle elegance. If you have tasted young characteristic fragrance is fresh and pleasantly fruity and nervous. In our version is placed in contact with the skins after the wine-making so as to assume a coppery reflections and higher aromatic content and mineral. Suitable to accompany fish dishes, especially shellfish and seafood, appetizers or puréed vegetables. Serve at a temperature of 10 ° / 12 ° C.

Cabernet Dop Montello Colli Asolani: intense ruby red color and brilliant. It has a rich bouquet reminiscent of licorice, freshly cut grass. Typical of the terroir is the classic herbaceous scent. It tastes fresh and pleasant, full and composed. The great softness makes it ideal to accompany roasted red and white meats, poultry but extols in particular grilled meat for cleaning and composure that leaves the palate. Serve at a temperature of 20 ° C.

Asolo Prosecco Superiore Millesimato Docg Extra Dry: The wine has a straw yellow color with greenish greenish-golden. It has a fresh and fruity bouquet reminiscent of acacia flowers, wisteria, golden apple. It 's the perfect Italian aperitif: the very fine bubbles rising in the glass instinctively generates happiness and good structure, unusual for a Prosecco, satisfies even the most discerning palates. At the same time the elegance of perfumes and its softness makes it an appealing wine for all wine lovers.

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